Derma Roller to grow hair in the bald area

Derma Roller to grow hair in the bald area. Micro needling (derma roller) triggers your body’s wound healing response. It can stimulate blood circulation and increase nutrients to your follicles, resulting in new hair growth. This can potentially lead to significant improvement of people with male pattern baldness and alopecia.

Important micro needling derma roller tips for hair loss

  1. The size of the needle chosen will depend on how much hair remains on the head.
  2. If hair is sparse, such as in men who have lost their hair and have shaved the remainder off, use 0.25 to 1mm rollers are considered to be the best option.
  3. Apply products such as Minoxidil, Rogaine or Copper Peptide to needling the scalp. Products such as Rogaine are typically used topically for hair loss as they inhibit the effects of DHT which has been directly linked to hair loss. It is best to start out with 2% Minoxidil before using 5% because the higher concentration can cause irritation. Copper peptide is known to stimulate the development of new follicles, which lead to hair growth.

Techniques for hair growth:

  1. Massage the hair restoration product directly on to the scalp to ensure full coverage.
  2. Use the dermaroller beginning at the front of the head at the hair line and roll your way down the back of the head.
  3. Repeat the process from front to back until you cover all areas and roll each area 10-15 times to ensure adequate coverage and absorbtion of your product.
  4. Apply the hair restoration spray to the treatment again. Massage this gently into the scalp.

Size of the needle:

To boost your topical treatment product you should use 0.25mm to 0.3mm roller. You can use 0.25mm roller every day.

To stimulate endothelial growth factor production for follicle and hair growth, you can use 0.5mm to 1.5mm rollers. You can use 0.5mm once per week.

For 1.5mm rollers, it has to be done under professional supervision as it is extremely painfull and might need microneedling numbling cream.

Important note for Dermaroller needle size:

It is highly recommended to use 0.25mm needles to boost the absorption of Minoxidil. Never apply minoxidil immediately after a microneedling treatment with longer needles such as 0.5mm to 1.5mm. Wait for 24hours before applying.

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Use Two different sizes of rollers. A smaller roller to boost absorbtion of topical products on a weekly basis. Use larger roller to increase follicle size and hair growth on a monthly basis .

Using 0.25 to 0.5mm Roller every 3 to 4 days Per week to boost absorbtion . Use 0.75 to 1.5mm roller to 2 to 3 times per month increase follicle size.

You can use 1.5mm roller once per month with professional supervision