How to use Curry leaf for hair growth

How to use Curry leaf for hair growth

Everybody knows that Curry leaves are good for hair. But how to use curry leaf for hair growth is a very great question, we all have. Here is how the curry leaf cane used for hair growth. There are three ways in which you can use curry leaf. Curry leaf can be made into oil known as curry leaf oil for hair growth; this oil is made up f fresh curry leaves and coconut oil. The second way is to use curry leaf powder as hair mask which can stop hair fall and can promote hair regrowth. The third method is to include curry leaf in your daily diet either as curry leaf recipes or curry leaf juice. These methods are clearly explained here and you can try them out and share your reviews.

Curry leaves or sweet neem leaves are used in a variety of Indian dishes. They are used to add flavour, aroma and taste to your dishes.

Health benefits of curry leaves are plenty. They are great for the digestive system, help prevent diarrhoea and also control cholesterol. Apart from just tempering your dishes for the added magic, curry leaves can also work wonders for your hair.


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